Friday, December 21, 2012

A Sweet Impatience

After dilly dallying with the needles and yarn that Meg left for me, after spending an hour or so in Oliver's room watching him chew on his plush toys and asking him several questions that he wouldn't even know how to answer as an adult, after combing down his hair and watching each curl slowly pop back up, we decided to make pancakes. I miss my days in the kitchen so I pulled up an old recipe. There were some slight variations for this morning's brunch meal, which include using strawberry cake mix and a little bit of strawberry flavored Nesquick. I think the Nesquick made them creamier and so smooth. Man, I love Pancakes. I hope Oliver loves them just as much.

I love wearing Oliver in the kitchen. He likes to watch me do everything. I think I will incorporate him into my baking and cooking when he is three.  That's what I did with Dylan and she was so good at it. I know she can't wait to help me teach Oliver how to bake cupcakes and pies and special dinners just because I love them both so much. I can't wait for it either.