Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

I am really just so interested in Oliver. I love listening to his noises and watching him learn new things practically daily. It isn't like anything I've ever experienced, even when I was taking care of my infant brother or my goddaughter. I cared about the milestones, but I never realized how much goes into a baby's development. They learn to focus with their eyes, with their ears and with their mouth. Oliver will eat anything near him. He will reach for it, grab it and drool all over it.

He's rolled over, grabs things with his hands and holds onto them. He can even transfer them from one hand to another. He laughs the most amazing and intense laugh. He turns when you call his name. He recognizes certain voices. He follows my every move when I make coffee with him in the ring sling. He is learning everything and I can tell he loves it. He's going to be a school nerd just like his mother, except I won't let him beg his siblings to let him do their homework. Somebody should have slapped me.
Oliver "Bones" Gray

Today is Halloween and we have three different costumes for him.

King Max

Tree Frog

Lost Boy

My favorite one is the Lost Boy Skunk. He's had it for a while now, and has worn it on every rainy day of his life. It's perfect; it's warm, it's adorable and it's a Peter Pan reference. You can't go wrong!
So far he's worn all three. Right now he is in his King Max costume and is asleep in my arms. 

I can't ever express how much I appreciate that I get to stay at home with him, and raise him the way Shane and I want him to be raised. I get to experience every new thing.