Saturday, September 1, 2012

I'm Crazy. Crazy In Love

Spending all day alone does things.  It makes you hesitant about going out alone. It makes you wear shoes without plans to use them for walking outside. It makes you read from room to room until you find yourself on the edge of the couch, perched there, kind of uncomfortable but unable to stop at the natural breaks between chapters.

Now that I have an infant child to keep me company during the day the loneliness seems to dissipate. It's different, because he isn't much for conversation or even paying attention, really, but he looks at me with those gorgeous blue eyes and I'm certain that he knows what I am blabbering off about. You know, because I'm his mom I can pretend that he is already, at 1 month old, understanding my every word. My son is perfect. Isn't your son perfect?