Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Way To My Heart

Music and literature have always been very important to me. The closest relationships I've had were with songs and books. I have a large collection of both. So large, in fact, that it is almost an annoyance to some. I used to say that I wanted to be buried with them, but now that I am going to have a baby I'd like to just pass them on to my kid (or kids).

I grew up with CCR, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Jimi Hendrix playing in my house, among others. My dad taught me to love the talent of musicians, not just the music, and it opened a new world to me. I've taken several music history classes, read several biographies, and have collected and listened to several thousands of records on repeat.

I've probably read over a thousand books in my lifetime, and have written over 100 poems and haikus, not to mention this journal that I've been writing in since 2001. I am an English major. I have a love affair with every story I read.

So here's to reading aloud and playing music to my unborn child.

Listening to Tom Waits with his daddy.