Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's August. I Should Be Preparing For Fall.

As children, Emily Wenner had the most amazing Christmas tree in her bedroom: it was white, tin, from the WWII era. This, her harpsichord, and her canopy bed, were the only reasons we were friends, because she was hellaciously snobby. Anyhow, I found a similar tree, in tragic fragments, at the Salvation Army this weekend. I've mentally lusted after this thing since I was 11, and I was so close to affordably obtaining it, that I can't really think on it without feeling wrenched. Kind of like when I was supposed to grow old with my cocker spaniel puppy, but one day after coming home from school - excited to play - he attacked me and by my parents' quick decision, was sent to be put to sleep. And even at the young naive age of 6, I knew what that meant.