Monday, July 18, 2011

I've Always Felt Like He Is My Charge

This weekend was filled with a crisis of sleepless nights, overly active walks and hang outs, and an anxious, nail-biting impatience to see my brother, Ale. All of this, though mostly the lack of sleep contributed, has caused a bit of insanity within the chemicals in my brain.

In other words:
I had a real hallucination yesterday morning: A rabbit in the bathroom; it stayed right where I stared at it.

This happened in a partial dream:
I drooped toward my knees and let my hair sweep the floor while I sang the ABCs in one breath.

Last night:
A 7 year-old asked me, "What's a word?" (among other questions with challenging/fun answers).

I ran into a wall during my 9pm-5am shift that would have left me with broken glasses, had they not already been punched in the face by a wall. I suppose if it hasn't happened already, expect it around every corner. Let the record state: I've decided that I don't like walls. And this is OK. I suggest, in alternative, a series of corners and crannies.

I wished so hard every day that my brother would just come home. I have a well of vigilance towards him that leaves no room for me to worry about myself. Still, I am glad that he is home.