Friday, July 8, 2011

I Can't Trust Myself When I Sleep

Earlier today, during my evening nap, I encountered the (or a) devil in a slow, involved dream. He was a young man who lived in my basement and wore shades all the time. He was apparently lovelorn for my sister, of which I do not have and whom did not appear in the dream, but additionally, it was implied at least once that he wanted to rape me.

He paced a lot, and I was made aware of this by my bedroom floor, which would creak and bulge in alignment with his path. The floors would periodically scald my feet.

I was terrified of him, but I also felt awestruck and thought his power, in whatever form, could help me. I got courageous and plied him with a rhyme: "of all the things I could be, why me?"
From my end, there was much weight felt in this guiled query, but he didn't seem to notice and ignored me in this particular interaction.