Sunday, February 13, 2011

A February Walk in Golden Hill

It's Sunday and the initial plan was to go to the zoo once Adam finished his baseball scrimmage. But after five days of laborious work and an 8am baseball game, we decided a shower and nap for Adam, followed by dinner at my house! In the meanwhile, Dylan and I had been set on walking the up-hill zoo grounds and wasting a day inside the house is not my M.O.

It was beautiful outside so Dylan and I put our stomping shoes on and headed out the door.

Dylan has been on a "Little Monster" kick lately. Anyone who passed us was growled and snarled at. I'm lucky that they played along instead of giving her a stink eye!

Let me also add that this walk was one block up, and three blocks over from home. It lasted almost three hours. I've got the most curious and lovable child for days at a time and I get to see the world through her eyes.

She was really excited about her bright red tongue. Sadly, though, her lollipop fell and was crushed on the ground. I would have taken a picture of this sad event, but I was too busy consoling her broken heart and drying her little tears.

We bought sidewalk chalk along the way. I'll be posting her art soon.