Saturday, August 8, 2009

I Worry Less

Gravity to this latitude and longitude has struck me down this year. Life is swift and sneaky and will take you by surprise when you least want/expect it to. I have secrets that stick heavy under my ribs marked by the same architecture. They aren't wrong-doings of any sort, but feelings I could probably never expose to anyone other than my reflection in the mirror.

Do you ever find yourself relearning the same lessons again but in a richer context? This year has, so far, served as a new game board for the same old challenges that have steeped a while. The speed of things are different, friendships move slower packed in during the weekend or somewhere in the 6-10.

I've been able to embrace my sense of humor around people I know, without worrying about how dry or dark it may be. I've reset. It seems as though I've gotten caught up with things more material; I measure and weigh. Hunt down the details. A shift in study is needed and this semester begins in less than three weeks. I am unnecessarily bewildered by so many things. I've been thinking, really thinking, about just being for a while.

I've met a friend. I've met a friend months ago through a cafe job (loved and lost) and have recently re-met this friend through coffee and dinners and good beer and conversation and good company. We've re-met in this way and September 3rd calls for a dress and a bow tie.

Sometimes Nothing happens and sometimes Nothing is needed.