Monday, May 4, 2009

100 Seconds of Solitude

You do this, right? Get home after a long day that isn't over yet and purposely miss your bus stop, or sit in your driveway or garage or wherever you park before you get home, and just sit, or stand or lean, quietly, with the car off, maybe the seat belt off, or standing next to your bike, or leaning on a wall, for minutes of solitude and silence, no cell phone, no iPod, no email, no dishes, no computers, no chores, no bed reminding you of the sleep you're not getting, no piles of projects waiting patiently for you to be inspired, no guilt, no shame, no happiness, no ecstasy, no I should be, no Why don't I, no Maybe it's time to. Just peace.

Just you, breathing, eyes open but not looking at anything, every sound tick-tickering around you, settling down, hanging onto those few moments before your life becomes a never-ending series of musts and wants and needs all over again.

You should do this, if you don't already.