Thursday, September 25, 2008


Hey! You know how people sometimes (theoretically, you see them pretty rarely these days) have bumper stickers or shirts that say "_____ do it _____", where the first blank is some group of people and then the second blank is some way in which they do it? Well the other day I, for some reason, had the phrase, "farmers do it with hoes" pop into my head and it made me crack up, just thinking of the great combo of farmers and prostitutes. Who doesn't smile at those two groups hanging out? It's just nice.

But then I was even more excited, because within seconds of thinking up that blank-do-it-blank farmers/prostitutes line, I came up with a really great one, check it out: Hamburgers do it with relish. Haha, seriously, just thinking about it cracks me up, hambugers do it with relish. The hamburgers really like doing it, so they do it with relish. Hamburgers do it with relish haha, man that's good.