Friday, November 2, 2007

Bad Drugs/Sleep Deprived

Sometimes I lose so much sleep that it feels like a bad drug experience. Like I bought the wrong kind of DXM, the kind with pseudoephedrine in it, and I drank an entire bottle. Typically, I would swim under the ocean with penguins, fly around the solar system and around glaciers, around snowy mountains. I would be a robot. My muscles would tell me their name is Tyrese and I would wake up thinking I'd been run over by a bus. Some side affects aren't so linear with sleep deprivation though. For instance, going deaf repeatedly, or being sick over the following couple of days. But, in any case, if anyone ever takes and audio record of my synapses interacting, this is what it would sound like:

Synapse #1: What's the worst thing you can think of?

Synapse #2: Well, you know how responsibility -- wait, what did you say?

Synapse #1: Uhh... what? Did you say something?

Synapse #2: I feel like someone hit me on the head with a... what was I talking about? Did we just have a conversation?

Synapse #1: What? Did you say something?

In other news: I'm feeling fine. I'm remembering a lot of the past lately (of course, I don't tend to remember things of the future) and by past I mean early childhood and then two years ago when things were so different and seemed so permanent. Here I am, beginning again, and enjoying every second of it. Sleep deprived or not.