Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Works, Please, With A Side Order Of Common Sense.

Tonight while waiting outside of my building for the firemen to let me (and a lot of fellow neighbors returning home from work/class) in, a neighbor turned to who was possibly his girlfriend and said, "Monk at 9:00." Somehow though, I was still surprised when I turned my head and saw a monk walk by, and a friendly one at that! He waved and said hello, which was nice, especially considering the heavy rain and wind and the fact that our building had been on fire and we were not allowed in.

Later, Adam and I had dinner at The Original Mel's Diner and afterwards we went book shopping. Have you, too, noticed that chain bookstores smell the same? This seems a little mysterious. I expect a particular fast food chain to have a similar smell at different locations, but bookstores? I'm not even exactly sure what I'm smelling. While I was there I looked at:

52 Projects (somewhat disappointing)
How to Build Birdhouses (nice!)
Film Comment (which seemed, um, cinematically speaking, a bit over my head)
The World of Interiors (featured a spread on the director of the National Gallery's house, and in particular, a shot of a no-longer-in-use kitchen fireplace that had an eighteenth century gravestone resting against it!)
Classy Treats For Two (placed under the clearance rack for one dollar and I put it back on the shelf. What an awful mistake.)

After awhile I started to feel headachey, and circled the store a few times trying to find Adam. For some reason, when I get separated from someone in a public place and can't find them when I want or need to, I instantly get panicky and think that they must've forgotten they were there with me and left and clearly I will now have to call a cab to take me home or something. This has never actually happened (and of course I wouldn't have to call a cab because the bookstore is just around the corner from our building), so I'm not sure what this fear is based on. I've never asked, but somehow I don't think other people worry about this sort of thing.

I think the theme of this entry is maybe: irrationality.