Thursday, February 2, 2006

Sicky McSickerson

Feeling ill for the fourth day this week, I dragged my weak body to the Walgreens down the street for some heavily needed groceries (i.e. Fruit Loops, Chocolate syrup, Mrs. Field's cookies, etc.) and stopped by Half Price Books to find myself for the day.

And So I Read.

Despite at one point being predisposed to dislike the book due to a teenaged alliance with Holden Caulfield, I was somehow already in love with David Copperfield by page 53, and (what's even sappier) began to feel my eyes become slightly glossy when he was sent away from home, and again when he's forced to wear an embarrassing placard at school.

I should have purchased it. I hadn't realized it, until I walked through my kitchen, but we do not have that particular Dickens' book.