Tuesday, March 8, 2005

My Life Is In Berkeley

I feel oblivious to what is going on around me lately. Like a tree, completely scenery to everyday events.

I know that it's very unhealthy to disengage but I need a short break to work things out... put them to song if the need be.

It's funny but I can pinpoint almost exactly why I get hung. It's getting dark out before I get off work; so I'm not riding the bus anymore. Something as simple as physical exertion daily makes me so much more balanced.

Guess I just needed to talk things out minus the poetics. Blah, blah.

But days are so good with Sonny Rollins in the mornings and Ornette Coleman at night. An old friend whose new puppy's name is reluctantly on loan from a famous Poe poem. And an older friend who urges me to go to Merced ...soon, maybe in Autumn. And my loverly pal Adam who keeps me from railing over trivialities. If it were not for him, I'd be that delicate mess too often.

We are all jazz, at least for now.