Thursday, August 26, 2004

A Sniff Of Violet With Tea

read a product description: "sandlewood incense - best served after lunch." i like that idea of serving smells like you serve food.

flipping through the channels earlier, i hit upon a home shopping show. but no oh no, this was not just any home shopping show. it was the christian channel's home shopping show, hosted by a little old nun telling bible stories. even to unreligious me, it seems a smidge sacriligious for this sister to immediately follow the story of fatima, without even taking a breath, with "and now to commemorate this amazing tale you can purchase this 18 inch statue of fatima and her children, bringing her essence into your very own home for a mere $49.95." i half expected her to announce that with every purchase you'll get the free gift of automatic forgiveness of your sins.