Monday, August 30, 2004

Greek Mythology Won't Break My Fall

Like looking at the clouds too long while walking down the sidewalk, and thump slamming your heels a foot off a curb you didn't see. Just keep falling these little falls.

Thump: A rejection indirectly toward me. It seems very bad manners.

Thump: A beautiful day set apart for another day.

Thump: A beautiful apartment last night i could afford until they said the deposit was times the rent by two. Thump, times it by two.

Thump: Somebody keeps getting hurt, and for no reason at all.

It just feels like a day spent breaking up. Not knowing what to do once everything falls into place this year. If it really decides to. Feeling like hobos with lightness yet the heavy pieces of plastic that burn in our back pockets when Zeus doesn't seem like he's going to come through this time around.