Monday, April 26, 2004

Connect The Dots

I used to feel so defined in certain ways and now I think I am every person, in a sense. Plain human-shaped flesh that flaps around and does human-like things all the time.

I think that people must just pick things sometimes, like majoring in business or even their wives and husbands. Just that you have to pick eventually unless you choose to stand still.

All this isn't true, not exactly. I hope. Still this westcoast girl who likes walking and talking on on familiar roads with the endless ceiling of sky making you feel taller than what you are. If given the chance, I think and think until thin skinned.

It sounds so good and so unbelievably right in my head, but ridiculously silly and "out there" once written down/typed, but my mind has grown in superior ways. Reading something last night and not sleeping for even the slightest moment, I think I'm a much better and more focused person. An overnight epiphany. And all this searching has seemed to come to a point, such a point that it's disected the heart in its center.