Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Mussels Are Funny, Jock Jams Is Funnier

I had a lovely outing and dinner with my younger brother in the Downtown San Diego area today..

Our new-to-the-job-waiter Brad stumbled through his opening speech then went on to recommend the mussels as an appetizer "because," as he claimed "they are my favorite."

As opposed to you know, the more honest "because they are the most expensive appetizer on the menu."

Hey, I don't want to be a jerk, but it was painfully obvious Brad had never had a mussel in his entire life. No, Brad enjoys listening to Jock Jams on repeat while doing body shots off the halter-top wearing girls.

Brad's a chips and salsa guy, not a mussels guy. And I'm okay with that. I don't like mussels either.

So, in the end, we did not have the mussels, but we did leave Brad a healthy tip.

And even more bizarre, on our way out of the restaurant, in the front by the hostess stand, I noticed a young woman about my age standing with an elderly lady with a tube in her nose, pushing around an oxygen tank in front of her.

Of course this started me thinking about how awful it would to be to have to tote one of those tanks around everywhere you go and seeing that kinda thing really made me glad I dont do the cigarette thing and so then I was consumed with my thoughts about how horrible that would be all the while I watched the younger woman and the elderly woman - oxygen tank in tow - approach the hostess to inquire about a table and not missing a beat the hostess said with a big smile:

"Sure do! The wait's about 15 minutes. Do you have a smoking preference?"

Apparently, she goes by the book, that hostess does.

Also, at one point, I was desperately in the mood for a virgin margarita - strawberry style, but the man who brought it forgot my strawberry on the side. At the end of the meal, he stopped by with a glass full of strawberries apologizing for leaving me empty-handed the first time. Kudos to him, really.