Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Say Hi To God For Me, Guys

my sneakers have gotten the funk.

which means, the time has come to finally send them to the big Shoe Rack in the sky.

it’s sad, really. no! shut up! it is!

they’re my Purcell's. i have had them many, many months. we’ve gone to many, many shows together. we’ve tooled the streets of many great Southern San Diegan streets.

and as any good converse-wearing person, it’s mandated you wear them ‘til they are so torn and worn so thin you can feel the hot, tarred pavement through the bottom of the soles on a sultry spring day. that and well, you wear ‘em ‘til they develop their own odor personality.

i know. just say it.

you totally want to date me.