Saturday, March 29, 2003

Paper Thin

smile with your mouth closed.
don't open your lips and
stop crying,
less chance of illness in the end.
i can't stuff much more in my ribs
stretch and resist, this is your favorite part for a reason,
but i want to be someone else or i'll explode.
a total waste of time.
it's so cold where you're going
and you're still waiting for blood.
so maybe it's not pumping as fast as it should be,
i'm sorry i had to be the girl of your dreams.
i'm sorry it had to be me.
you'll stay up all night
and wait for your new year's kiss.
put your hands through the door
but my fingers are bleeding two years too late;
put a butterfly knife in your soft fleshy hands and be twelve again with me.
i hope we'll speak again before january.
so both hands now, crush another insect
and expose your teeth
you can't fight this.
but you know where it came from.